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Compare Engine Sizes

Selected Engine: Detroit 16V71T (3/4 Engine)

Other Engine Sizes Available:

Detroit 16V71T (Complete) - $21,900.00 (Stock#: DET2011-1)

Detroit 16V71T (7/8 Engine) - $17,900.00 (Stock#: DET2011-2)

Detroit 16V71T (Short Block) - $12,000.00 (Stock#: DET2011-4)

[Comparison of Complete, 7/8, 3/4, and Short Block engine sizes]

Engine Component Complete
Remanufactured Cylinder Block
Remanufactured Cylinder Heads
Recon Crankshaft (std/std)
Recon Connecting Rods
New or Recon Oil Pump
New Cylinder Liners
New Pistons
New Piston Rings
New Main and Rod Bearings
Other small internal parts (New or Recon)
New main and Rod Bearings
New Thrust Washers
Engine timed
Front Cover
Valve train parts including Rocker Arms
Valve Covers
Oil pan Front Sump
New or Recon Turbo (if applicable)
Intake and Exhaust Manifolds
New or Recon Air Compressor (if applicable)
New or recon Water Pump
New or Recon Oil Cooler
Belt Tensioner & Belts
Thermostat Housing
Crankshaft Damper