Warranty Terms & Conditions

Except as set forth below, DIESEL ENGINE INDUSTRIES INC (DEI, INC) warrants that the used, rebuilt or new items described on the sales invoice will be free from defects under normal use and proper maintenance for the period set forth under "Warranty Term".  Included in the engine warranty are the following: reconditioned engine block, cylinder heads, connecting rods, crankshaft, camshaft, new liners, new pistons, rings, main and rod bearings, and gaskets/seals only.

Excluded from the warranty are:
1)  The costs of: labor, towing, removal or reinstallation of the engine (or part), freight, car rental, or other incidental expenses incurred in return of the item. DEI INC  will not except collect shipments.
2)  All service items, including belts, hoses, and filters.
3)  Oil seals.
4)  Any external components which may be attached to the long block.

This warranty will be voided by:
1)  Overheating. A leak anywhere in the cooling system (including head gasket) will result in a loss of coolant and overheating. Overheating, regardless of cause, will void this warranty.
2)  Failure to comply with "Things You Should Do". If the neglected item is suspected as a cause of the failure, the warranty is void.
3)  Misuse or alteration of the engine, or part, accident or fire.
4)  Improper installation or repair.
5)  Use of engine or part in competitive events.
6)  Failure to maintain the engine or its lubrication, cooling, electrical, fuel and emission control systems in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.
7)  Failure to maintain recommended levels of motor oil. A leak in the engine or its gaskets will result in the loss of lubrication and damage. Failure to maintain adequate fluid levels, regardless of cause, will void the warranty.
8)  Installation or use of the engine without original emission control equipment from the original engine.  
9)  Core requirement: all engines sold require core unless engine is sold out right. Upon receipt of your core, an inspection will be done for defects and/or major damages and customer will be advised accordingly. Core charges shall apply as stated on invoice
10)  All freight charges are the responsibility of the buyer unless agreed otherwise with seller 
11)  Payment terms are as follows: upon agreement and approval of terms and cost amount on the invoice 50% payment is required up front before any work can get started  unless specified otherwise.
12)  Upon completion of the workmanship of the engine by DEI, INC. customer will be informed and have up to 15 days to make the payment of final balance due and to take delivery of the engine or make arrangements to do so, after this 15 days period a 10% storage charges will be added each month to the final payment balance. After 180 days of failing to make payment or making arrangements customer shall lose all their down payment so that DEI can recuperate some of the cost of the parts and labor and machining involved for rebuilding the engine.  Engines are built for buyers’ specific needs and application.  Since most engines are built to buyers’ particular needs and horse power and specific type of usage, it makes it difficult to remarket and resell such engines to other buyers.  In most cases, the engine must be disassembled and additional labor cost is involved to do so.
13)  It is highly recommended that all rebuilt 3/4 or 7/8 engines by DIESEL ENGINE IND, INC that will be built to these stages and shipped to buyers, will have the remaining finishing and completion of assembly done by the customer's own shop of choice or mechanic.  It is most important that all engine completing and finishing parts and components to be installed are free of any defects and are checked for their integrity and they are to be free of dirt and any debris. Any and all turbo chargers, fuel feeding systems are checked for their tolerances and accuracies as recommended by the manufactures. All crank shaft dampers are to be check for proper balance and any vibrations, Installation of such unchecked or faulty items will cause severe and costly damages to engines and it will void the warranty . New lube, fuel, and filtration must be used.  Upon completion of such engines, and prior to installation it is the responsibility of the buyer to put the engine under a dynamometer test so that the engine can show maximum performance and any defects or malfunctions that it may have. This test can expose potential future mechanical issues that can cause problems and future financial costs and down time and void the warranty coverage on such engines.
14)  Approximate time needed to rebuild 3/4 or 7/8 engine is 2 to 4 weeks depending on parts availabilities and machining needed for such needed application set forth for the engines.

During the warranty period owner is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the engine as specified in the applicable manufacturer's operation and maintenance manual.  Owner is also responsible for providing proof that all recommended maintenance has been performed.  Owner is required to maintain the engine’s hour meter in good working order at all times and to ensure that the hour meter accurately reflects the total hours of the operation of the engine.  In addition, all cost for the lubricating oil, antifreeze, filter elements and other maintenance items replaced during warranty.  It is the buyer's responsibility to install the original emission control system on the engine. Federal law prohibits alteration or removal of any part of an emission or control system required for motor vehicle operation on public streets or highways. This limited warranty is made only to the original purchaser or owner of the vehicle in which the engine or part is originally installed.  This warranty will end on sale or other transfer of the engine, part, or the vehicle in which it is initially installed.
DEI, INC will repair or replace any defective part of the long block assembly, or part to which the warranty applies. In order to make a claim under this warranty, buyer must promptly notify, DEI, INC of any defect before the warranty term expires and receive authorization before proceeding to repair or replace a defective part. If the estimated cost of repair exceeds 20% of the original cost of the engine, or part, DEI, INC may require buyer to return the engine, or part to it for repair or replacement. The foregoing sets forth the only warranties made by DEI, INC in connection with the used or rebuilt engine, or part described on the invoice. No other express warranty is given, and this warranty is in place and in lieu of all warranties of merchantability and fitness and buyer's remedies are in lieu of all consequential and incidental damages. This warranty specifies the buyer's legal rights. The buyer may have other rights which vary from state to state. If the parties disagree over the interpretation of this warranty or the duties of the parties hereunder, either party may require that the matter be submitted to arbitration for resolution in Turlock, California. This warranty will be extended for the number of whole days that the engine, or part is out of buyer's hands for warranty repairs. If the warranty repairs have not been performed due to delays caused by circumstances beyond the control of the buyer, the warranty will be extended until the warranty repairs have been completed. If the warranty repairs did not remedy the defect the buyer must notify DIESEL ENGINE INDUSTRIES, INC of the failure of the repairs within thirty (30) days after they were completed. If a defect arises during the warranty period, the warranty will not expire until the defect has been fixed. If after a reasonable number of attempts, the defect has not been fixed, the buyer may return the engine, or part for replacement or refund, subject in either case to a deduction of a reasonable charge for usage. The time extension provided herein does not affect the protections or remedies buyer has under other laws.